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Ensuring Maximum Confidentiality and Privacy

At Terrace Automall, we place great value on your privacy and its protection. We believe the issue of privacy and security of information forms the core of our online relationship with you and every customer who purchases our products and services via our Website. Our objective is to ensure that maximum confidentiality and privacy is maintained at all times and to the greatest degree possible. Following is an overview of our Privacy Policy and how information about you, your company and your account is collected, managed and protected.

We will never give or sell personal or confidential information about you, your company or your account to any third party not affiliated with your transaction except as required by law, or necessary to provide the services requested by you, or as requested and authorized by you to do so.

We will make your personal information available to those individuals, business partners and third parties who must have access to it in order to meet your needs.

We will employ security technologies to protect your personal information from disclosure or theft.

We will provide the means for you to maintain control over your personal information and its removal from our database.

Security - How we protect your data.

Through the use of tools such as secure servers, passwords, firewalls, Secure Socket Layers (SSL), 128-bit encryption and
security software, your personally identifiable information is safeguarded to the maximum extent possible. We take every measure necessary to ensure that your information, including credit transactions and order fulfillment activity, is protected from loss, misuse, alteration or theft while under our control-both online and off-line.

Data such as credit cards and passwords are protected in our database through the use of 128-bit encryption according to the method recommended by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (Rijndael). Sensitive information is also protected while in transit over the Internet between our servers and your desktop.

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